Abraham and sarah love story

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By the time Abram and Sarai became Abraham and Sarah, they had lived a lifetime of great faith along with showing moments of poor faith. Sarah could have justly refused. I believe the turning point in their struggling faith occurred during that last encounter with the Lord. However, when God afflicted Pharaoh's family with plagues Pharaoh then realized that Sarah was Abraham's wife and commanded that they leave Egypt. Could this be the same woman who is extolled in the New Testament for her submissiveness and obedience?

Abraham and sarah love story

It also had significance for Abraham and Sarah. It is probable that Sarah received her Egyptian servant Hagar during this stay. But the most severe trial to their faith was yet to come. Ishmael was now old enough to provide for his mother, and God gave him expertise with the bow Gen. Now then, here is your wife. In Genesis 17 when Abraham was ninety-nine years old, God declared his name: Was this then the fulfillment of the promises in which Sarah had for so long believed? Hagar was afflicted by Sarai. Strangely enough, these two principles, faith and submission, actually go together. Princeton University Press, , p. Sarah was an intelligent and capable woman. State University of New York Press, , p. There are probably some sins we think we will never commit again, but we must ever be watchful, for that is exactly where Satan will attack us. Scripture describes the great loss which Abraham felt upon the death of his wife Gen. So they barge ahead with their plans and the whole family suffers for it. But when she married Abraham she made a decision. Bonanza Books, 1: They think headship gives them the prerogative of doing whatever they please without talking it over with their wives and coming to a mutually acceptable agreement. Finally, at Sarai's insistence, a son was conceived and born via her handmaid Hagar, Abram being the father. God promised Abram and his wife Sarai that one day they would be parents, even though they were old and had no children. To their everlasting credit, the record of those travails speaks of their prayers, not protests, as they met their difficulties with deepening patience and faith. Scripture says that Abraham believed that God could even raise Isaac from the dead Heb. She saw the wood, the fire, and the knife; she saw her son Isaac, and she saw Abraham, a look of agony etched on his weathered brow. What are your goals in life? This is a model of an admirable marital relationship characterized by warmth and understanding. The decision to banish his son Ishmael displeased Abraham:

Abraham and sarah love story

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  1. If we examine the lives of Abraham and Sarah as a couple, we see a stormy and difficult life. Take her and go!

  2. Getting upset was not right. It is a telling detail, showing that she would rather face the ravages of famine than deny her marriage and the eternal covenants she had made.

  3. The decision to banish his son Ishmael displeased Abraham: How does God want you to express your opinions and desires to your husband?

  4. Since God places the husband in the headship role, what then are some obligations he has to his wife? But from the beginning of their marriage she was ever his ardent support, faithful friend, and close confidant.

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