Amen or amein

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While Jews and Christians mean "so be it" when they say Amen, the correct pronunciation should be "Amein", "Amane", "Ameen" or "Amin", some have even argued "Aman". How would one be considered better than another? The magicians ofEgypt, it is true, followed by also bringing forth snakes. However, the most reliable Egyptologists and archaeologists, such as Sir E. Amen was an ancient Egyptian deity, first a local deity worshipped in the area of Thebes.

Amen or amein

But why could the Egyptians not call on Amen, the ancient god of the wind? I will copy from that for easy reading: This was a preview of events to follow. When the mummy was placed in the Egyptian Room, the night watchmen frequently complained that they heard sobbing and hammering coming from the coffin. Scholars have also observed that the original Hebrew word with an aleph, while the Egyptian name starts with a yodh. Then He chose Moses to witness before a hard-hearted Pharaoh the truth that He was far more powerful than any of the gods they worshipped. Then someone else created them and Ra-Atum is not the ultimate Creator, either. As soon as she came in, she began shivering uncontrollably and said there was an evil someplace in the house of incredible intensity. Yet neither was Thoth the creator, for they believed he was created by Ra-Atum, the sun god, represented by a bull. Her mummy case was later exhumed, perhaps by grave robbers, and sold in to a wealthy Englishman, who drew lots with four friends for the honor of purchasing it. Other legends say it was from one of the four original frog gods and snake goddesses that he was created. To many, Amen-Ra is seen as a unifying force that can bring all Africans together. It should have showed Pharaoh that He was dealing with a power older and more powerful than that of any of his gods. The fourth man became severely ill. I am not a theologian or linguist. Which one, of the hundreds or thousands worshiped in Africa? A wise Christian makes the gospel clear. Yet other dictionaries follow older records claiming that Amen was one of eight gods made by Thoth. The other two workmen died two days later for no particular reason. Remember that culture influences language and the "Amen-Ra" was popular back then - see http: The magicians ofEgypt, it is true, followed by also bringing forth snakes. After he sent the coffin to his hotel, he was seen walking out toward the desert and never returned. Yet if he created himself out of any snake or frog god or goddess or any waters, then those gods or waters existed before him and he did not create them. The answer was to go back to an ancient god. Finally an American archaeologist bought it and arranged to send it toNew York.

Amen or amein

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  1. However, so many people had died and met such calamity from exposure to the thing that no British museum anywhere would take the thing.

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