Are firefighters cheaters

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Are firefighters cheaters

No Spam New accounts are subject to a 24 hour waiting period before posting. AutoMod will also detect commonly used phrases in the subreddit to auto delete. There is a discussion to be had, so please expand on what you have said. This also includes commonly posted opinions to the subreddit. The only time this isn't being openly bragged about is when a woman is present. This does not mean you'll get banned for saying one crime is not as severe as another or saying you can understand why someone would commit a crime. The most messed up thing about all of this is that it's seen as a good thing to do. Hate posts are not allowed Opinion can be unpopular unless it's blatantly a hateful post. At least they don't talk about it, anyway. Before getting this job I assumed based on forums, newsgroups, etc that firefighters are exceptionally good people, trustworthy, and bastions of light in the community. Bear in mind that justifying or endorsing pedophilia activities sidenote: These guys frequently ask me to describe my own wife's body, erm, I mean "pussy" and probe at me for sex stories. Some enjoy prostitutes regularly and ironically get judged by their co-workers , one guy on my shift is going to be in prison for the next 15 years for distributing child pornography! If your opinion has been posted to the subreddit recently, chances are it'll get removed. You aren't thought of as a person, it's well known and if you ever sleep with one of these men photo's of your body will be circulated and you will be bragged about. I have become increasingly shocked, disturbed, and disappointed in my department. No Trolling Trolling is saying random unsolicited things that only serve to invoke a knee jerk reaction. Trolls will usually get permanently banned. If these people can't be trusted by their families, how am I supposed to trust them with my life? Be Civil Let's keep the talk and discussion on what ever the subject matter of the post may be. Race baiting is a ban-able offence RULE 8: Please be civil and and have respect. Correct Formatting The requirements for posting to this subreddit is to have a self contained opinion within the title. Currently posts about Beyonce, gender, and Trump will all be removed. I understand that all of this sounds too horrible to be true.

Are firefighters cheaters

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