Best female country songs

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Soooo wrong for soooo long…? This single was released in and went on to be a number one hit. Chet could play like no one else. This one went on to become a number one hit. Well, I guess not a hit on the country charts, but it charted there and has been a favorite of the Parrotheads. We look back, rightly, at Randy Travis for bringing traditional back, but perhaps we forget about Ricky Van Shelton.

Best female country songs

This one came about in and it went all the way to 2 on the charts. We always looked forward to it. The dad is busy, but they still make time to work on that car and it still reminds the narrator how special his dad was even though he was a busy man. This was a huge time for the superstar. In , this one only reached 67 on the charts. The evening on the porch with the slow, but happy song playing as the sun sets over the horizon. The song is about a man truly coming to terms with how lucky he is to have the woman of his dreams. Almost Home, Craig Morgan After four unsuccessful singles Craig Morgan put this one out in late and it became a pretty big hit reaching 6 on the chart. And Patty is really one of the best singers of all time. This song is about a guy that wishes he could be the one making his former lover look so good in love. The music was turned on and when the playlist came to this track everybody started singing along. This one came out and took over the country world for about a year. It went to 1 on the chart around Through it all he never lost that love. But this one was something pretty special. Talk about a powerful slow country song. It starts out slow and kind of picks up in the chorus, but we have to include it here. Boxcar Willie carved his niche in country with the unique sound and take on classic train songs. Talk about a good decision. But John Michael had it first and this country love songs is still popular with lovers today. I know it has been a special song for a lot of people out there and especially for the guys that have had close relationships with their fathers or grandfathers. Her voice was wonderful. This was a personal song for sisters, Martie and Emily. He had a different attitude about him and fans really latched on to his songs. Even today, kids know every where of this chorus. This one became a country hit and a pop hit.

Best female country songs

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  1. The song went on to become one of the biggest hits of all time. It was kind of a transitional time for Randy.

  2. And this one is a song that really connected with fans back in That was until this song came out in and went to 1 on the chart.

  3. The song sold well and is one of the most well known songs for both Paisley and Krauss. This was one of those songs that got to the point where you expected to hear it every half hour on the radio.

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