Chode dictionary

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Well as long as your alive. Electrical Guide For Dummies I know jack shit about electrical stuff — except that it can easily kill you. If you live in SoCal, this place rules when it comes to wetsuits… Further, it's almost a dead certainty that a vulgarity will get gunned repeatedly on the way, losing useful evidence. Can you find any evidence for it though? And there will probably be propane left for a little while after Doomsday. Ok — apparently there is no such things as a Fecal Digestor at this point in time. Hell, I guess you can make a solar powered sewing machine too… Almost everything going through RFV gets the full treatment.

Chode dictionary

You can use em to power any electrical appliance you have. Here is a good article on what tools are still made in the USA. Information can be really helpful — think of it as the new internet. In order to prevent hypothermia during one of these water crossings, a wetsuit is a must. So far, all citations support the second meaning; the ones listed for the first obviously do not support that meaning, likewise the one for the third meaning. Or well, what we had before the internet. If we can't get a better source, we should just leave them out. Plus, if you get good at it, you can barter your produce for other goods. Waterproof, windproof, something you could fucking live in. Primary source, not secondary, and durably archived. And of course also to fix your own shit. So the connection with the english word choad is plausible, though not confirmed. Good news is you can this shit in bulk! Oh yeah, and the fighting off of wild pigs. And of course drywall screws come in bulk… No, I wouldn't say that's likely. These are widely accepted definitions heard from many US States. Otherwise the project degenerates into complete uselessness. You can double the size of tarps, repair sails, shit like that. You may need to fjord a stream, go in the ocean or swim across a lake. Unfortunately, that flame war spilled over several pages and the useful information has clearly been tidied away, paving the way for yet another round. Remember we need to see actual use, not secondary definitions like Urban Dictionary or even Webster for that matter , and that your sources must be durably archived, eliminating most forums, BBS, IM for instance. Get a good hammer, screw driver set, allen keys, saws, and maybe even a hand powered drill. Brings to mind another Hindic word: I find drywall screws vastly superior to regular old nails. It seems like something that might come in handy. Electrical Guide For Dummies I know jack shit about electrical stuff — except that it can easily kill you.

Chode dictionary

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