Chrome plating kansas city

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Cleanup activities included removing and disposing of contaminated soil, putting land use controls in place, treating and managing groundwater contamination, and maintaining a vapor control system. An October ribbon-cutting ceremony formally opened the Olathe Pollinator Prairie at the site. In , EPA determined that soil and groundwater cleanup required no further action. For additional information click here. In , an EPA removal action cleaned up additional contaminated soils, concrete and structures.

Chrome plating kansas city

CCI stored chemicals of all types on the property in aboveground and underground storage tanks and drums. In the early s, an oil refinery on site disposed of large quantities of toxic sludge by burying it in a 2. With over 30 years practical and laboratory experience, our qualified personnel can offer you hands on assistance in trouble shooting and the efficient running of your plants backed by leading international technology. Last updated June As of December , EPA did not have economic data related to on-site businesses, or economic data were not applicable due to site use. A residence and an office are also located on site. From to , a chrome-plating facility was active on site. Certain products are manufactured locally. Last updated April As of December , EPA did not have economic data related to on-site businesses, or economic data were not applicable due to site use. The potentially responsible parties worked with EPA and other organizations to develop a walk-through educational natural habitat for Monarch butterflies on the site. It also included controls to protect the soil cover. A sand quarry and a junkyard currently operate on site. Alkaline and zinc alloy plating. In , the Kansas Department of Health and Environment coordinated the removal of wastes from the plating shop building. Through the successful cleanup, EPA and the State of Kansas helped ensure that the area remains a safe location for current and future businesses. For additional information click here. Cleanup also included the removal of toxic vapors from contaminated groundwater and soil. Unregulated dumping of domestic and solid waste continued at the site until A sand-and-gravel mining operation was active on site. Through our vast technical and practical experience and extensive global connections, we offer our customers service excellence based on the premise, that for mutual gain we strive forward as one. In , an EPA removal action cleaned up additional contaminated soils, concrete and structures. Both programs work on education, research and conservation. We are suppliers of locally manufactured and improved products as well as equipment to the electroplating and surface finishing industries throughout SA and neighboring countries. CCI conducted recycling activities that often spilled or leaked hazardous chemicals. Top of Page Chemical Commodities, Inc. Groundwater cleanup is ongoing. After an explosion and fire destroyed the refinery, operators disposed of refinery-related hazardous wastes in the pit. International Suppliers Mission Statement With the continuous advancement of technology and the ongoing quest for superior coatings, we at Nexor 24O are committed to and are at the fore front in being able to offer the latest chemistry and proven technology, without any compromise to the environment, which is our heritage.

Chrome plating kansas city

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  1. In , site stakeholders built a groundwater treatment plant and installed extraction wells to treat contaminated groundwater. A sand-and-gravel mining operation was active on site.

  2. Today, the site provides a beautiful landscape for the surrounding neighborhood and offers education opportunities for the community to learn about the importance of pollination.

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