Cunning minx

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July 11, [ edit ] Polyamory in the dictionary; Loving More needs your help; who has affairs and why? Michelle Belanger Talks Tolerance[ edit ] Michelle Belanger talks tolerance of fringe groups, both by society at large and among other groups. May 16, [ edit ] Poly-friendly; sex as cake; bias against bisexuals and polyamorists on online dating sites. Vote once ever 24 hours in the Mature category at www. Tantric Sex[ edit ] Mistress Matisse tells it like it is; what conservatives are good for; an interview with the authors of a book on tantric sex. Being Poly and Single[ edit ] On being poly and single; a poly story from a listener. August 15, [ edit ] Homosexuality and genetics; is it all about the sex; an interview with Raven Kaldera, author of Pagan Polyamory. If you're in a poly-mono relationship, the mono person still has to learn all the poly skills. Sex Is Fun's Sex Ed Crash Course[ edit ] This minute audio explains some basics of sexuality in an information-driven, non-judgmental sex-positive light.

Cunning minx

September 19, [ edit ] Our poly family; too much cake; how polygamy affects us. January 24, [ edit ] Coming up on this week's show: Dealing with the Monkeys[ edit ] A poly play; dealing with the monkeys; poly in the media. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with? February 24, [ edit ] Poly communication and jealousy; male bisexuals don't exist; the myth of monogamy. Extroverts[ edit ] Introverts vs. February 7, [ edit ] Coming up on this week's show: Just want to make a decent showing! Jealousy[ edit ] This special edition of Poly Weekly is the interactive, no-holds-barred talk on jealousy--what is it, how to deal with it, who is and who isn't--from the Heartland Polyamory Conference. June 20, [ edit ] Poly as orchestra; poly and Buddhism; interview with Omaha Sternberg. Being Jewish and Poly[ edit ] Being poly and Jewish--what's the big deal? July 4, [ edit ] Masturbation Zen; lesbian laptops; amoebas and emotional intimacy; and poly families with children. And the mono person is still going to have to deal with the idea of that influx of that new energy and new personality and still going to have to do some type of reaching out and communication with the new person. Geeks in Love[ edit ] Minx and Steve Eley discuss high-tech tools that poly geeks use to maintain their local and long-distance relationships. May 9, [ edit ] How is your sex drive? The good news is that I learned quite a bit from that painful experience: Being Poly and Single[ edit ] On being poly and single; a poly story from a listener. March 21, [ edit ] A happy poly relationship; Big Love; the history of marriage and polygyny; and managed monogamy. Because the poly person is going to be bringing in new partners, new personalities, new dynamics, new sexuality. If you're in a poly-mono relationship, the mono person still has to learn all the poly skills. Marriage as a Sacrament[ edit ] Marriage as a sacrament vs a civil contract. August 29, [ edit ] The Lusty Lady addresses sex in marriage; advice from the Dalai Lama; a conversation about how to fuck up a poly relationship with Amy Gahran. What Does "Family" Mean to You? October 7, [ edit ] Return to the original orgasm; interview with Anita Wagner. September 13, [ edit ] Anarchism and free love; on-again, off-again; Warren Buffet is poly?

Cunning minx

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  1. April 5 , [ edit ] Primary vs secondary; is polyamory sexy; DID; and polygamy as a zero sum game.

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