Doorknob wedgie

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Next grab their feet and bend their legs back so their feet are by their butt. New ideas and combinations are being conceived every day and woe on to those who are the first to feel the newest cheek splitting sensation to spawn in the realm of the wedgie! This technique actually has a few meanings: Now put half of it in the front of the underwear and the other half in the back so the person is placed in between the two slices 27 Multi-layered Hanging Wedgie: If you are working with someone else, let them pull up on their end. For this you'll need a trashcan big enough for your victim to sit in and with some type of handle.

Doorknob wedgie

A straight item like a baseball bat, hockey stick, pipe, ect. Once you close the lock the victim has no way of getting free besides having their underwear ripped 55 Wedgie War: Next grab their feet and bend their legs back so their feet are by their butt. With the victim lying on the floor face down or face up , sit yourself right above their head and place the soles of your feet on their shoulders. Take off the victim's shirt and give them a frontal and normal wedgie. This is sometimes seen as the most painful wedgie due to the fact that it crushes the tentacles or forces itself into the vulva very sensitive areas if done hard enough. Finally loop the leg holes over the ankles. The victim is given a wedgie and pulled around in circles. With hundreds of years of practice the wedgie has evolved, learned, and adapted to give itself a plethora of undie tearing deviations to dish out. The same as a normal wedgie except you pull up the front of the victim's underwear instead of the back. This is a hanging wedgie but with multiple pairs of underwear on. Keep up this pattern until everyone who wants to participate is in line. Give the victim a wedgie and lift them onto a set of coat hooks, one for each leg hole. To be fair and if you have enough people try to form a circle so nobody is left out in the giving or receiving part. The victim's underwear is completely soaked in water and frozen. The most commonly thought of wedgies are the classic, the atomic, and the hanging. There are a few different techniques used: Then if you are alone, spin them around and give them the opposite type. This technique should only be used on people you really hate or if you find someone who really enjoys wedgies. A group wedgie when two or more people grab a victim's underwear and lift them off the ground. As the name suggests, this can get very messy with the ingredients running down the victim's legs and onto the floor also splattering all over the place from the wedgie. Give the victim a wedgie then attach their underwear to the rope of a flag pole. You give yourself the wedgie. The victim is given a wedgie in nothing but underwear. Give the victim a wedgie in the smallest underwear they can possibly wear. Take a thin piece of string like a shoelace and thread it through the front of the leg holes the string should be coming out an equal distance from each leg hole.

Doorknob wedgie

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  1. When they bend over to pick up their pants you get behind them and wedgie them. Have the victim do the splits, while they are down thread the rod up one of their pants leg and out the other.

  2. The rope should now look a bit like a zip-line and if the victim is made to move towards the high end their wedgie will get steadily worse. A straight item like a baseball bat, hockey stick, pipe, ect.

  3. Even gaining celebrity-like fame in movies and finding a special place among friends at sleepovers and summer camps.

  4. Now tie their hands together so they cannot try to get out without giving themselves a wedgie. When the dog goes to play with its toy it will give the victim a massive wedgie.

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