Dr andonuts

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This is because of his love of donuts which is shown in his official art, and within the Earthbound he offers a donut to Jeff when they meet. Lucas 's group first found him hiding in a trash can, and he warned them about the weakness of the chimera attacking them. Andonuts had worried about their wellbeing and wished that he could have also joined them as a robot. He quickly made large, clunky robots which resembled them and which would carry their spirits to the past, but he warned them that there might not be a way to return to their bodies. Saturns secretly made the device so that it would entrap Pokey forever if he ever tried to use it, and the professor did warn him not to use it but in a very small voice. Mother 3 At some point in the future, Professor Andonuts was captured by Pokey and was forced to work on experiments for him at New Pork City. Within the various areas of the Empire Porky Building, he attended the last DCMC show, and at the throne he told Pokey that he refused to work for him anymore, but Pokey seemed to ignore him.

Dr andonuts

Andonuts is the father of Jeff , one of the "chosen four" children destined to save the world. Andonuts was evidently kidnapped by a time-travelling Pokey Minch and brought to the Nowhere Islands, where he was forced to develop Chimeras for the Pig Mask Army. Andonuts decided to transfer their brain "programs" into robot bodies. Andonuts is first encountered in the lab when the player controls Jeff. Andonuts at the Chimera Laboratory, hiding in a trash can from the dangerous Chimeras roaming through the lab. Andonuts and several other NPCs are kidnapped by Giygas' forces and held captive inside Stonehenge Base, a subterranean alien fortress that exists beneath the famous landmark. Saturn on the Phase Distorter, despite Pokey having stolen their prototype. Ness pointed out having seen a meteorite in Onett , and Dr. He suggested using their dog as bait, although the monkey Salsa was able to perform the task instead. He wonders if it is proper to feel sorry for Porky or not, then rolls around the capsule hoping to give him some entertainment. At that time, Andonuts was working on the Phase Distorter which could make traveling through time and space possible. This refers to Ness and would also be the only time he refers to Jeff in the game. Andonuts completed one of his other projects by making Brick Road into the Dungeon Man. Andonuts's kidnapping in Mother 3 are unspecified, such as at which point after Earthbound it occured, whether he was taken to the future or if not how he could still be alive during the time of Mother 3. He is one of the people who helped the Mr. Lucas 's group first found him hiding in a trash can, and he warned them about the weakness of the chimera attacking them. He also helps "dungeon enthusiast" Brick Road become Dungeon Man, the world's first living dungeon; this may also be Dr. He advised Ness and his friends to be fully prepared before using the Phase Distorter. In Earthbound, his genius is compared to that of Einstein and Heisenberg. Jeff was later able to have the damaged Sky Runner return to the lab. In Chapter 8 Dr. As a prolific inventor based in Winters, Dr. The details of Dr. Although he was kind, he was also somewhat absent-minded and was so devoted to his research that he ignored his family, particularly his son Jeff. Andonut's first successful "Chimera" hybrid. Andonuts, and they proceeded to work on new research together.

Dr andonuts

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  1. In Chapter 7 The player first finds Dr. Andonuts is the father of Jeff , one of the "chosen four" children destined to save the world.

  2. Shortly after using the new Phase Distorter, he invents the Phase Distorter 3, which can travel in time as well as travel through space; however, it destroys living matter, so before the fight with Giygas , he transfers the bodies of the party into robots, with their bodies placed at Saturn Valley.

  3. He was then chased by the dog, Boney, while trying to insist that his "bait" comment was just a joke. It was not done, so he suggested Jeff instead try out his Sky Runner and that they get together again in another ten years.

  4. Andonuts in his laboratory, and he showed him some of his secret chimera projects that could be helpful to them for their current obstacle.

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