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So you can only describe the scene you see. We ought to note that the obesity rate approximates the mean for Asturias at early ages: It was bad weather. For this reason, and especially when it comes to areas with small populations in which the number of children for each year of age is small, we recommend interpreting the data with caution and in broader age intervals. The included children constitute


Longitudinal study of normal Spanish children from birth to adulthood anthropometric, pubertal, radiological and intellectual data. There is a single entry for each child that corresponds to the latest measurement, so we could not detect potential fluctuations over time. Considering that children are continuously monitored from birth to 14 years of age in our public health system, PC is the perfect setting to achieve these objectives. By age, the rate of overweight was higher in children between 10 and 14 years Prevalences were marked in red if they were significantly above the mean for Asturias, green if they were significantly below the mean for Asturias, and white if there was no statistically significant difference Appendix 1, Tables 2, 3, 4 and 5. Transgenerational response to nutrition, early life circumstances and longevity. Our results showed a high prevalence of excess weight with a very heterogeneous distribution across health care areas and basic health zones. In children 6 to 9 years of age, the prevalence of overweight and obesity in Asturias found in this study, which applied the same criteria as the nationwide ALADINO study, 11 is lower than in this latter study, but higher than the prevalence found in the study conducted in Navarra Figure 5 In terms of trends, while the study results are not homogeneous, we did not find significant differences between our current study and the study conducted in Asturias in Short stature, which can also be indicative of malnutrition, had a prevalence of 1. The results for the evolution of excess weight Figure 5 , obesity Figure 6 and severe obesity rates Figure 7 over different age intervals are represented in detail and for different areas in the health care map of Asturias Appendix 1. To address these problems, the World Health Organization WHO led the development of charts with a prescriptive approach that show how children should grow when their environment allows the optimal development of their genetic potential. After gathering the raw data, we removed erroneous data, data for children older than 14 years and records of measurements taken before , keeping only data entered after January Appendix 1, Figure 1. The data collection department kept a file linking each real TIS with the new value. The included children constitute We have expressed the prevalence of each variable in graphical and numerical formats, both overall and by age group, sex, and different health care levels caseloads; the 68 basic health zones; the 8 health care areas; and the autonomous community [AC]. We found the smallest differences 2 points in area II, which only has two basic health zones. We ought to highlight the considerable differences observed not only between health care areas, but also between basic zones within single areas, with the exception of area I with the highest rates and area VI with low and homogeneous rates Table 5. Defining obesity risk status in the general childhood population: Int J Pediatr Obes. This has made it possible to calculate anthropometric z-scores for all children and to do an overview of the nutritional status of the paediatric population of Asturias from the individual level to the levels of paediatrics caseloads, basic health zones, health care areas and autonomous communities. So you can only describe the scene you see. In children younger than 5 years 60 months , the WHO recommends defining overweight as a BMI 2 SD or more above normal to prevent the use of restrictive diets in children during this important period of growth. We were all at home. While the anthropometric measurement tools used in every health care centre are certified and the measurements are taken by nurses and paediatricians with specialised training, it is possible that the measurements, taken by many different agents, may be erroneous due to poor execution or incorrect documentation. Mom and Dad were watching television; I was reading a StarTrek novel; my sister was talking on the phone with her boyfriend in her room. Global prevalence and trends of overweight and obesity among preschool children. Patterns used for comparison:


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