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Copy the value in "App Secret". You can then use this token to call their API. There are some fields that you may add optionally, like some specific URL's, but, in order to ensure a smooth app creation, it is better to add them after you have finished with the initial setup. Click here to learn more about handling declined permissions. When creating a Facebook app for your marketplace, please do NOT add anything that is not specifically indicated in this instructions. See the Setting Up Multiple Environments for more information on multiple environments. First you need to connect your Auth0 application to Facebook.

Facebook com loginm

Create and set up a Facebook App Create an account you may have to register as a developer. Open the app that you created via the "Apps" dropdown. Log in to your marketplace. When users create a marketplace account using their Facebook credentials, they need to grant Sharetribe permission to view their Facebook details. Another option is to create another Auth0 tenant used for testing purposes. Doing this helps users trust your app. Creating a Facebook app is free. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom right. In "App Domains", add all the domains from which you want the Facebook login to work, i. Once you have the token you can call the API, following Facebook's documentation. Select Add a New App from the dropdown in the upper right: Additional Info You can find additional information at Facebook docs: When finished click Save. Paste the copied "App Secret" string into the "Facebook client secret" field. At this point, they will see your Facebook App's logo. Upload your App icon in the correct section according to Facebook's instructions. Your app doesn't require an approval from Facebook so you don't have to go through the submission process. Make sure you are logged in. Select all the Attributes and Permissions you want to enable. Customize your Facebook App When users create an account or log in with Facebook Login for the first time, they will be asked to authorize your app. It's a long chain of characters numbers and sometimes letters too. Connect your app to Facebook In this article This article describes how to add login with Facebook to your app. Auth0 only allows one Facebook connection to be configured per tenant. Click the "Show" button in the "App Secret" field. In the left hand menu, click "App Review". You now have to configure it in your marketplace to use it.

Facebook com loginm

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  1. When creating a Facebook app for your marketplace, please do NOT add anything that is not specifically indicated in this instructions. In the list, find "Facebook Login" and click "Set Up" for it.

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