Gifts for butch girlfriend

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I'm one of those no-jewlery people and yeah don't bother getting something you think she wouldn't like. I would think a handmade-by-my-boyfriend friendship bracelet was incredibly sweet. This is just a Google image search , but it has some good results. A nice stone pendant, for example -- not a gem, but an attractive, polished rock. If her earrings are gold, go with a gold pendant; silver, then maybe something like the silver Celtic knot referenced by silkygreenbelly would be good.

Gifts for butch girlfriend

This is a great way to test the waters of body art without it being permanent. Just as in the case of the Femme stocking, I subscribe to the umbrella gender term for Butch, meaning anyone who is self-identified and masculine of center, and Butch can mean lots of things to lots of people. A medium length necklace in an interesting style or with a plain but cool pendant is eminently wearable by anyone. How cute would that be? I could use it constantly and think of him. Pacifica solid perfumes are made from organic soy and coconut wax and scented with essential oils from sustainable sources. Miss Mary Wanna holding Macy. Some people are really picky about their wallet. A list of dive bars in your city so the person can take you there on dates is also good. Christmas at the Haus of Femmespiration. Includes a marzipan scented hand cream, fig soap, an almond and coconut "Shower Smoothie," and more. Jenn suggested this book Farmer Jane! What a cute thing to stuff in a stocking that will do well to fill it up, too. A good pocket knife is both a great accessory, sexy as hell, and super useful! I love personal shopping! I love ties, both bowties and regular ties. I'm one of those no-jewlery people and yeah don't bother getting something you think she wouldn't like. I have always liked getting Calvin Klein underwear for girlfriends and you can get a great deal on them at Ross. Although I'd probably go for something very subtle and simple, like a thin gold chain that won't attract attention, with a small pendant ornament gold or gem that can be hidden inside her shirt. They have jewelry made from wood, stone, polymer clay, and other decidedly not-super-girly materials. Robe made from natural, pesticide-free organic cotton. Perhaps you can find something there. I decide to put them on, and 15 minutes later have to take them off because my skin is red and itchy. If they use chapstick. You can also ask for help from a really good, tasteful jeweler.

Gifts for butch girlfriend

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  1. Comes in lavender, lemon, and peppermint. How about making the nerd in your life a set of Star Wars snowflakes?

  2. I would think a handmade-by-my-boyfriend friendship bracelet was incredibly sweet. Oooh, this is nice -- I wear jeans and T-shirts, don't wear makeup, have short hair, and would happily wear a necklace along those lines.

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