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Take the spark plug out and bring the piston into ignition position. Wrong polarity will damage the electronics! It does not matter which black is at which side, as there is AC. Otherwise you have to redo this procedure. It is durable, but not well visible, so better highlighten it with some marker pen.


Take the rotor carefully off again without changing the crank's position and reset it onto the crank in such a way that the marking on the rotor aligns with the marking on the stator. The works at the engine are finished. Wrong polarity will damage the electronics! There is no reason to take the coil off. You need not worry if the pressed-in direction arrow at the rotor shows clockwise. It does not matter which black is at which side, as there is AC. Please do not forget to do so, otherwise you will have trouble later on in the assembly. If not, better order it at the same time. The result is a rotor sitting lower, possibly touching now with its rivets the stator coil. In that way the cut-off works like previously. Take care that nothing's pinched. The 2 black wires running from the stator coil carry the voltage for lights, horn, flashers etc. This type of wiring is used in motorcycles which originally already had magneto ignition and therefore switched off by shortcircuiting against ground. It is not suitable for use with nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal-hydride, lithium-ion or any other types of recharchable or non rechargable batteries. That equally would lead to severe damage. Please do use the cable arriving with the pack and not any old cable. Screw in the spark plugs again. Before assembly, please always check for damage on rotor without magnet plastification try to push the magnets aside with your fingers. This woodruff key does not actually hold your rotor on the shaft, this is done by the cone. System list at http: Check that it may move freely above the statorbase. Make sure your motorcycle rests securely on her stand, preferably on an elevated work bench and that you have good access to the generator side of the engine. The parts in this system therefore look different and might fit differently notably ignition coil and regulator requiring some adaptation by you. Lay the new generator cables along the frame using the enclosed cable binders , in that way, that they finished close to the regulator resp. You only risk to damage the wires underneath or to set if wrongly back again. Otherwise you have to redo this procedure. It might be that your motorcycle was originally equipped with an ignition that did limit top speed for legal reasons.


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  1. Please read these instructions fully and carefully before starting work on your motorcycle Please bear in mind that any modification of the material as well as own repair attempts which have not been agreed with Powerdynamo may result in a loss of warranty. Take a look at the new stator.

  2. There is no reason to take the coil off. Wrong ignition settings may damage your engine and even hurt you during kickstart violent kickbacks.

  3. If not, better order it at the same time. You will do yourself a favour to treat your bike to new spark plugs and spark plug sockets preferably some between kOhm.

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