Keylontic science

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There are many more layers of pure energies that arose from pure consciousness similar to the original All That Is, The Pure Essence, which is neither creator nor creation. Investigation into the number seven shows significance in Judeo-Christianity. I initially thought that these colored frequencies constitute other dimensions—unique spaces with unique frequencies or frequency blends where material creation is represented somewhat differently—until I recently investigated the topics of this article and discovered otherwise. When this intensity of light is reached the cells of your body will initiate a self-illumination process. The vast majority of pictures of god group entities including so-called ascended masters show them exuding white or white-gold light from their hands as well as key chakras such as their crown and heart.

Keylontic science

There are many more layers of pure energies that arose from pure consciousness similar to the original All That Is, The Pure Essence, which is neither creator nor creation. Intuitively, I know and can clearly see that the Earth is beautiful in so many ways, especially in its core essence. These excerpts are for informational purposes only; I do not recommend their practices. The Earth is a prime piece of real estate because it is part of an important stargate system. It clearly gives a Law of One view that purposely misrepresents the original All That Is properly called All That Is, The Pure Essence and brings it down into every creation and distortion as though we are meant to have the polarized struggles and victim-victimizer game. Use soft light at first and gradually intensify the light each day. Instead of automatically believing stories—that often lack much explanation and logic—because they are continuously preached, I strongly suggest that you discern all information according to your inner core, not only the mind, to be able to determine your natural inclination and resonance. He said that when our race was created, these giants became our mother. We all can do our part by bringing in as much eternal energy as possible to truly set this Earth on its right course, not toward a more fallen system. So, what is the white light? We are unstoppable and living Miraculous lives when we hold this Point of Consciousness. You will lose your precious DNA integrity and fragment further. One must then create a Sacred Covenant with God for the purpose of defining how the Inquisitor and The Creation will unfold further soul growth and progress together. This green color is a strange addition if they are only tying the blue flame to Tara. I experienced complete paralysis of my body, and I felt an invisible energetic presence over and around me. This is important in reference to the phantom Sirius star system that houses several Annunaki gods such as the Elohim of the Bible. This is because fear does not exist at this level. In our precarious position on Earth, we are only slightly better off than phantom matter in a highly fragmented semi-phantom state that contains an off-white color. Now that I have explained the three blue flames of the Jesus group, I will return to the white-blue flame that immediately affects our ascension process. Unleashing the Limitless Potential of the Divine Heart is Key to all personal and spiritual development. October 3, cosmholo. I have had to rediscover myself and my own energies so I can stop any partial possession from happening due to that initiation ceremony. Entities are often unaware of what exists before them; for some reason, many of them do not seek far beyond their current position and awareness. It is a living flame that can be enlarged around us. While the above excerpt sounds wonderful, please pay attention to every word. Influencing our mind is crucial to then influence the body.

Keylontic science

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  1. We base our actions entirely on Love, never fear. God group entities like to claim that they are seed atoms, elementals, or even our breath of life, but really they are much more complex beings similar to us humans.

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