Leo and scorpio tattoos together

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A Duo for You-o Two amazingly colored leo tattoos for you and a friend. Big Dreams Just because you are a Leo does not mean you have to portray that with the strong, powerful look of the lion. The other is up, moving as judged by the swinging mane. The lion, the King, and the cobra, the Snake. Leo zodiac tattoo design with heart pictures for boys and girls.

Leo and scorpio tattoos together

In normal language Leo meaning is Lion. Lion zodiac tattoo design behind the ear ideas for girls. People born between July 22 and August 22 fall under the Zodiac sign Leo. The zodiac symbol for Leo is also present, this tattoo has it all. The cool symmetrical line design creates and intriguing effect. Panthera Leo is a zoological name for Lion and that is why Leo zodiac sign is represented by Lion. We are presenting you the best Leo zodiac tattoos designs gallery. From nautical stars to shooting stars, these little balls of light are used in a bunch of designs, often part of a larger piece. Who is the real queen of the jungle? Lion is the symbol for Leo zodiac so this lion tattoo on collar bone would be best choice for your tattoo. Dapper Man Add a little fun to Leo tattoos with a bow tie, derby and monocle. This one does have a lot of human qualities to it, making it very fun to look at. The abstract lines and patters make it interesting as well. It is also a fairly understated tattoo. Most of the people also learn astrology education. The date and name make it incredibly personal. Tiny Leo zodiac sign tattoo design on index finger. Ultra-Realistic From the simple to the complex, there seems to be a Leo tattoo for everyone. Take a look on these Leo zodiac tattoo pictures, and let us know which design you liked most. Leo zodiac tattoo design with heart pictures for boys and girls. Whether placed on the right, just above the heart, or on the left side of the chest, this large detailed piece really stands out on the pectorals. Lion face with constellation tattoo on leg. The top of the shoulder is not a place you see many single tattoos, but this one pulls it off in an amazing way. Not all Leo Tattoos have to be that explicit. Cats are, after all, little cousins of the lion, and are just as fierce and feisty as their larger counterparts.

Leo and scorpio tattoos together

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  1. For those strong confident women out to prove they can be just as fierce as the men. The use of color is the focus here, as well as the runny, transparent look of the ink.

  2. Lion or Fox Another multi-layer, multi-element design. Big Dreams Just because you are a Leo does not mean you have to portray that with the strong, powerful look of the lion.

  3. This tattoo pairs a low detail realistic looking lion head with a tribal surround. Almost like it was painted on with a brush.

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