Misattribution of arousal

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To build it up again you need adversity, even if simulated. She then told each man she would be more than happy to discuss the study further if he wanted to call her that night, and tore off a portion of the paper, wrote down her number, and handed it over. The subjects tended to find the cartoons funnier than when they held the pen between their lips instead. The participants were then asked to view a video of a female confederate either manipulated to be attractive or unattractive. Misattribution of Arousal Misattribution of Arousal Definition Misattribution of arousal refers to the idea that physiological arousal can be perceived to stem from a source that is not actually the cause of the arousal, which may have implications for the emotions one experiences. Subsequently, the following dependent variables are measured using two attitude questionnaires:

Misattribution of arousal

After the participant completes these questions, give them a full debriefing concerning the purpose and procedures of the study, with special emphasis placed on the fact that the ingested capsule was, in reality, a placebo. The tasks were to unscramble anagrams or to recall as many nonsense syllables as they could after seeing them briefly. They found that if someone was physiologically aroused without being aware of it, they would attribute their arousal to a recent thought in their memory. To analyze the data, compute the average reported amount of tension for each of the conditions and plot the results. This was interpreted by the researchers to mean that the men found the woman more attractive when they had more anxiety about crossing the bridge. The authors concluded that these men misattributed their psychological arousal arising from the bridge-crossing to the interaction with the female experimenter, and subsequently interpreted their arousal as a sign of attraction towards her. An attribution approach to studying the arousal properties of dissonance. As the scientists suspected, the results matched the bridge. In reality, however, some participants were injected with epinephrine a drug that causes arousal, such as increased heart rate and shakiness. After all 12 words have been displayed, the participant should be prompted to recall as many words as they can. There is a reason playful wrestling can lead to passionate kissing, why a great friend can turn a heaving cry into a belly laugh. If someone experiences arousal and does not have an obvious, appropriate explanation, they may attempt to explain their arousal in terms of other aspects of the situation or social context. The time to pay attention can pass, or the details become lodged in a place underneath consciousness. The frequency of novelty can diminish as the relationship ages and you settle into routines. In reality, the pill is a placebo—an external cue—to attribute their internal feelings towards when writing a counter-attitudinal essay in the second phase. My heart is pounding — is she making me feel this way? The video was a self-disclosure statement where the female discussed hobbies and other typically dating related material. Aron and Dutton showed when you feel aroused, you naturally look for context, an explanation as to why you feel so alive. This theory goes back as far as William James, one of the founders of psychology. Was it the bridge or the lady? The source of your coursing blood is more ambiguous if you just drank a Red Bull before heading into a darkened theater to watch an action movie. Misattribution of Arousal and Cognitive Dissonance. For instance, James would say if you saw a cricket on your arm and then flailed about rubbing your body up and down while screaming incoherently, you would later assume you had experienced fear and might then believe you were afraid of crickets. Psychological Review, 84, The participants were told that they had to wait 20 min for the Suproxin to get into their bloodstreams. Finally, to assess the effectiveness of the decision-freedom manipulation, ask participants to indicate "how free [they] felt to decline to participate in this Ivy League Administrators research project" on a point scale with endpoints labeled not free at all 1 and extremely free In contrast, the effects of choice-level were only evident within the control—no-information provided—condition.

Misattribution of arousal

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  1. Dutton and Aron wondered if the participants were more likely to call the woman because they were physically attracted to her or not. Like a coterie of prairie dogs standing alert as if living periscopes, your ancestors were built to pay attention when it mattered, but with cognition comes pattern recognition and all the silly ways you misinterpret your inputs.

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