Moon dog brick oven

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I'm from Philadelphia and the pizza is not that great, it's doughy, and the salad has a lot of cheese! Stop in, have a pizza and a beer, and relax. Great stop on our road trip off I The person that rang us up gave us several tasting of beers until we selected what we wanted. Have eaten here several times. This was our second visit to Moon Dog--separates by a number of months-- and we found the quality do be more than adequate. Great atmosphere, Terrible food, our family, and others I have spoken to have had the same experience here in Wytheville.

Moon dog brick oven

The beer selection is underwhelming. One of us could pay for the pizza the other the drinks. We will be back again on our trips down and up the road. Moon Dog Brick Oven This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. I think this place has great potential, but there are a few kinks that need to be ironed out. This was our second visit to Moon Dog--separates by a number of months-- and we found the quality do be more than adequate. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this pizza was so good! We ended up having to eat it with a fork. This was perfect for my family of four. I got out a standard 12" pizza pan and sure enough they were 12" pizzas. The atmosphere was wonderful and modern filled with friendly faces filling the booths. We had the garden salad and Syrian pizza with toppings added. Decided on a pizza with quite a few toppings. The crust was the perfect thickness and baked to perfection. Great stop on our road trip off I Pizza's are less than L. When our pizza came out the pie was very sloppy. The first time I ordered a Large Cheese Pizza and a meatball sub. Little Caesars is a better pie at a better value. The cashier rolled her eyes and told us the pizza couldn't be split. We will be back regularly. The meatballs were bland and dry. Paired with a smooth local beer. These pizzas had too much sauce and grease. Overall, I would definitely stop back at Moon Dog's- the next time I'm in town! I waited some weeks later and recently ordered 2 Medium Pizzas.

Moon dog brick oven

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