My husband hates me and wants a divorce

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Maybe you've made peace with living with less while your ex is resentful he has to. Why she doesn't sit with you at your son's Little League games or why he prefers curt text messaging to real live conversations. Be grateful you're free of the iron fist. I don't have any friends, and any family is too far. Pray he'll also find his own post-divorce glee. If you're able to have a civilized sit-down with your ex, gently suggest you both lay down your gauntlets and accept the marriage wasn't meant to be -- and that, sadly, both of you are to blame for its downfall. I don't want a divorce. I was sick and nauseated and admittedly a little crabby.

My husband hates me and wants a divorce

I slept in my car for the most part, but it was not only freezing outside, but I was uncomfortable. Abuse, affairs, drugs, addiction, etc. It's none of their business. If they witnessed your ex's bad behavior -- and were spared yours -- it could be they're holding onto negative feelings about their other parent. It makes me physically sick inside. I am his wife! I want things to get better. You didn't slash her tires. My husband and I fight a lot. I may have to get help without him. You behaved like a grown-up. We're not going to work out. I can't stand him when he continually talks about divorce. Finally one point in the night, he said it was okay for me to come home, but to keep away from him. At one point I looked up a homeless shelter, and told him I would be staying there. So, I packed up my stuff and headed out. If your ex hasn't yet found her new soulmate, this may send her into a tailspin. Stay positive and hopeful about your future, whether it entails a future with or without your spouse. Think about it; if there was something that you could have done to change his mind, you would have never gotten to this point. Typically, one partner wants the divorce and the other wants to keep trying. Because his obsession with getting a divorce and distance from me, I accused him of having an affair the first time I ever did such a thing. Keep on and don't allow your ex to poison your well-earned peace. Did you see how wrong he just did his kids? I feel like my husband doesn't love me anymore. Thankfully, he can no longer dictate what you do, where you go, what you wear and who you associate with. I dealt with it.

My husband hates me and wants a divorce

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  1. Perhaps he made all the rules in the relationship including ones for how you should live.

  2. Of course, you may have passed this baton back and forth for years until you finally cried uncle. You can express your emotions while still remaining in control of them.

  3. When he hurts you, cutting you deep to your soul, tell God and only God. If it's become your fondest objective in life to make his financially difficult, consider it may be time to focus on something healthier.

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