Nicknames for husband in urdu

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Women like that very much. By Anvi Mehta Published: If so, may the force be with him with this nickname! There is a blush on the women's faces when they call their husbands with these cute nicknames. They are as listed below: Examples of Funny Nicknames for Husbands:

Nicknames for husband in urdu

Refers to a method of prisoner restraint from the middle ages when captives were tethered by a heavy chain to an even heavier metal ball! Bonus points for using this nickname if your husband is a little socially inept, too. There is a blush on the women's faces when they call their husbands with these cute nicknames. These are the names of the tragic love story heroes. Even the husbands love it when their wives call them like this. They are now used as cute nicknames for husbands. The Old Ball and Chain: The newlyweds and the ones still active in their married lives would surely know of them. If so, may the force be with him with this nickname! This love and affection is expressed in many ways. Some other funny nicknames for husbands include: In the existentialist play, the two main characters wait for Godot, who never appears. These special sweet little names can help make your relationship stronger and build in a sense of intimacy. Especially if they are newlyweds. For the husband who has been married more than once. If so, one of these funny nicknames could be just the ticket for him. We are not sure if men actually like being called Romeo, but women can try them. Has your husband got an awesome sense of humor? These nicknames are used whenever your husband is away from you. Some find it cute and some find it quite endearing. Do you suspect that your husband is somewhere on the spectrum? You may want to hold off on calling him this in front of his mates though! The ideal nickname for the husband with studious and serious intentions but who needs a little loosening up. The perfect nickname for the husband who just bumbles his way through life. The physical intimacy, the romantic dates and the sweet talks all are ways of showing their love for each other. For the husband who fancies himself as a bit of a drill sergeant at times. Similarly, though men do not admit it, but even they like it when their wives give them special names.

Nicknames for husband in urdu

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