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And the same applies to aNonZebra well, not so sure about the bright-young-people bit: I spent a pleasant hour reading up on the and 70s travails of the NSW power system and an abbreviated history of the SECV while trying to figure out what happened in It discourages investment in intellectual resources and encourages cultural conservatism. For example, for solar they estimated the total radiant solar energy hitting the earth and assumed that in an ideal world we could catch a certain fraction of it. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


A higher price will also stimulate further exploration and discovery of new deposits. And the same applies to aNonZebra well, not so sure about the bright-young-people bit: As the price of the commodity rises, other deposits will become economic to extract and will be added to reserves ie reserve life is a function of the prevailing market price. Or places like Argentina, that lived on a single export product a renewable one, in this case? And why are we happy to sell yellowcake all over the world, but not to have a nuclear power plant in Oz? If there really is only 40 odd years supply then we might have to go back to trying to be a clever country an idea that last went out of fashion about 8 years ago 6 Paul Wallbank October 26, at By itself this was well down on the returns from oil discovered in the s, which were nearer to Have a look at this Dutch disease entry at Wikipedia: The return on sources such as tar sands and biofuels like ethanol are in the single digits. And when their employees go unemployed, who will pay taxes? I seem to recall an article a few years ago I think it was in Nature which had back of the envelope estimates for the energy production capacity of a wide range of alternatives to fossil fuels. Nothing like an early morning rant! Current oil and gas finds, such as undersea reserves, may offer a return between to-1 and to Are not the historical figures for EDR estimates available somewhere? Looks like an argument to buy a long-dated straddle on Aussie coal price! Their conclusion was that no one or two alternatives would be enough to replace fossil fuels: Maybe the coal will run out before we stuff the planet with greenhouse gases, and possibly before Mista Rabbott even figures out what climate change is….. This is a rather more slip-shod approach than your usual, Mule. Their whole remit is to decode reserve hype: And then people wonder why those countries totally suck. Oh boy, oh boy! I recall hearing on fairly regular basis the claim that Australia has several hundred years worth of coal. The crust of the earth has effectively unlimited amounts of coal, iron ore etc for our purposes. Likewise, they estimated total nuclear reserves and so for for geothermal, etc. Analysis by Tim Morgan at Tullett Prebon, a broker, estimates that oil discovered in the s delivered around 30 units of energy for every unit invested.


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  1. What a shocking suggestion, surely exporting carbon is our reward for using energy saving light bulbs and lots of pink batts.

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