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Give your inbox the happiness boost it needs. To really make the most of the platform, consulting companies like SkyPlanner provide expertise. Start right now by signing up for our weekly newsletter. And the partnership has had a ripple effect for the business. A Blue Sky planner or Panda Planner? Eventually, we decided to part ways despite our then relative inexperience in marketing and sales so that we could claim our successful development solutions under the SkyPlanner name, knowing the quality of the end-products would help us through the growing pains.


Panda Planner is a full-on organizational system for people who want to work on their overall well-being and work-life balance in addition to their productivity. Getting Started We asked one of our contributors, who is a devotee of all things tactile, to review the two planners. The company, which is a small business itself, understands the needs of different businesses and works with them to come up with an effective use of the platform. The monthly section offers a two-page spread but instead of simply a calendar, the Panda Planner month-view includes: Instead of just listing the days of the week, the two-page weekly spread offers a space to: When Positive Routines reached out and asked me to dive into two paper organizational systems, I was thrilled to accept. Only you can answer that question, based on your needs, personality, headspace, and so on. The team goes to lunch together as we do everyFriday but instead of returning to the office the team takes a break from work and engages in a fun teambuilding activity. Once our projects are completed, our customers have a unique system of Salesforce applications augmented with various coding languages and integration with third party apps, and which can also accessed on mobile devices. I compared two planners created by two different companies: According to the website, Panda Planner was developed to increase both productivity and happiness, two things which are more intimately related than they initially appear. So choose the one that lines up with your goals and get going on your most productive, meaningful life. Garcia, managing director and co-founder of SkyPlanner explains: There are seemingly endless planner styles, with designs for any aesthetic and choices of binding, size, and format. Garcia and his fellow founders all understood the great value that Salesforce offered businesses, but noticed a lack of Salesfoce consultants in the South Florida area. The weekly pages drill down even more deeply. Past activities have included go-kart racing, laser tag, and a speedboat tour of Miami. As someone who historically has trouble staying organized and focused, I really took to this model. The remaining money would be used to move into a bigger office to facilitate expansion as we continue hiring more expert developers to tackle the challenges of our continually expanding roster of clients. Or at least a more organized one. There are no daily pages that follow directly after the weekly spread. Or maybe another option entirely? After each monthly calendar, you come to another two-page spread dedicated to the first week of the month. You can catch-up on our review of Passion Planner vs. Panda Planner Rate this article. Garcia, managing director and co-founder of SkyPlanner explains: It was a practical design choice, and I not-so-silently applaud them for it.


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  1. Are you looking for straightforward scheduling and time-management, or do you need help finding joy in your days and stress-relief?

  2. However, this made sense. Garcia, managing director and co-founder of SkyPlanner explains:

  3. Panda Planner Productivity on Paper: Are you looking for straightforward scheduling and time-management, or do you need help finding joy in your days and stress-relief?

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