Smiling banana leaf pittsburgh pa

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There is a lot of street parking in Highland Park so that wasn't an issue and they take reservations which I would highly recommend making! Everything from appetizers to our meals was spot on! I asked the waitress for a suggestion, she asked how hot I like it. But I also like to taste my food. The rolls were ok. Not crowded but by the time you finish there's usually a crowd waiting! Smiling Banana gives us another reason to visit Bryant Street. The place is tiny but the food has big taste!!

Smiling banana leaf pittsburgh pa

It was sweet, crunchy, and definitely satisfactory. They paired well with extra crispy fried tofu, and grilled chicken skewers maybe a hint of lemongrass? We came on a Saturday probably close to The curry was awesome with lots of vegetables and I love the noodles in the curry, not always easy to find!! I liked the pumpkin curry more, but again, I would order a very low number like a 1 or 2. Went here yesterday and had the pineapple curry with chicken. They served this to me with slightly warmed sticky rice and it was life changing. With my few adjustments I was able to create a delicious meal with plenty of leftovers for another meal. Oh I like it hot! The meal was perfect, save one thing. The dining area is a little small, so if it's busy it will probably be better to call for reservations. After the waitress took our order and delivered our food, she did not check up on us at all. I will be visiting this place again whenever I am in town! She gave us background information on the owners and the chef and told us the 1 rule is: On one of those occasions, I called in and asked for two orders of pad Thai to go. We both had the exact same noodle dish with tofu which neither of us ordered. The food was really good but never have I ever experienced such bad customer service. I ordered the Pumpkin Curry at a spice level 3, and my friend ordered the pineapple fried rice at a spice level 7. Our dishes were served and they looked amazing. My tea came out quickly and it was delicious! It is small in there but we didn't think it was too small even if it was full we wouldn't feel that cramped. Overall, I enjoyed the meal. While I typically love this place, my last two times here have not been good. When I got there, they only had thought I wanted one order. I enjoyed the chicken satay as an appetizer and the see yew with chicken, spice level 7 out of 10 and I was super full and content.

Smiling banana leaf pittsburgh pa

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  1. I have been to Thai places where a four will send your taste buds packing so you just never know.

  2. The restaurant is on the smaller end but I've always come at an off hour, and even if there were other customers, I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes. The broth was rich and luxurious.

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