Spca otjiwarongo

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Thank you once again and keep up the good work!!! You can read more about Deborah's rescues, and you can support her community animal welfare efforts by donating to AKI: And we couldn't do this without our AKI donors either! The shelter usually has about 20 dogs. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica. The owner of the dogs, Lizle Barnard said the incident occurred at approximately 20h30 on Tuesday evening. Click to view this email in a browser Helping animals He got a very good home since!!!!

Spca otjiwarongo

He was quite a busy little guy! We hope you will decide that for the holidays, there's no better way to have a real impact on the lives of dogs and cats, donkeys and horses around the world than a donation to AKI. We also have quite a few abuse cases, especially young animals that do not get looked after. He climbed on me from head to toe then decided he would just take a rest- atop my head! No case has yet been opened with the police concerning the incident. Various Otjiwarongo residents Nampa spoke to at the scene of the incident were of the opinion that the dogs should be punished with euthanasia for causing such harm to the humans. Britz said vicious dogs are everywhere in Otjiwarongo but people hardly complaining about them, even when they attack people. I've received today drams.. Stakeholder Engagement at Bank Windhoek. AKI sends a special thank you to Deb Newman Mainebytes , our hardworking, creative, and never complaining no matter how many updates we send her website designer and updater. He got a very good home since!!!! The Otji SPCA also has a big cat shelter with an opening between an outside shaded shelter and the indoors so they can move freely between inside and outside. Thank you once again and keep up the good work!!! The street is popular by school children walking to and from the Otjiwarongo Senior Secondary and Vooruit Primary Schools. We got your generous donation on 2nd September All the play areas have enough shade for hot Namibia summers. Pilar doubts that she will find a home in Honduras, so Molly will have a permanent place at the HHHH sanctuary, where she can live out her life in a loving and secure environment. We are requesting people that do not want to give cash to pay over to the vet, so that we could use those funds directly with the vet. Our big problem is that many people just come and surrender their animals. After being checked by a vet, Molly, who may be close to 10 years old, is resting comfortably at the HHHH sanctuary. Then Otjiwarongo has a very big problem with people not keeping their yards closed, so many dogs are roaming the streets. Pets not only take care of our valuable properties while we are away, but they are also our friends and an extension of our families. I got some funny stares from motorists! However, it looks like she will have to have her front leg amputated. Our biggest NEED at the moment is funding for the sterilization project.

Spca otjiwarongo

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  1. We also have quite a few abuse cases, especially young animals that do not get looked after. I'm intending to do the following,some dogs at the shelter are old and need medical treatment, so I will use the money for the vet's checkups and treatment.

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