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Outcomes in adulthood are associated more with the perceived significance of having severe tics as a child than with the actual severity of the tics. Simple motor tics are characterized by brief muscle contractions of one or more limited muscle groups. A person with OCD, for example, may be obsessed with germs and may counteract this obsession with continual hand washing. Complex motor tics involve multiple muscle groups or combinations of movements and tend to be slower and more purposeful in appearance, e. Three small, claw-like legs emerge form the bottom and keep them upright. These drugs are therefore better candidates for short-term rather than long-term therapy. Decreased penetrance means that not all people who inherit the changed gene will develop symptoms. Most people with TS show noticeable improvement in late adolescence, with some becoming tic-free.


Most people with TS show noticeable improvement in late adolescence, with some becoming tic-free. Only a minority of the children who inherit the gene s have symptoms severe enough to require medical attention. The diagnosis is made through observation and interview of the patient and discussions with other family members. Some examples of complex motor tics include the act of hitting oneself and jumping. Patients with severe tics may experience social difficulties and may isolate themselves from others in fear of shocking and embarrassing them. Obsessive-compulsive behavior, attention-deficit disorder, and other psychiatric disorders may be associated; coprolalia and echolalia rarely occur; autosomal dominant inheritance. History of Tourette syndrome The first presentation of Tourette syndrome is thought to be in the book, Malleus Maleficarum "Witch's hammer" by Jakob Sprenger and Heinrich Kraemer, published in the late 15th century and describing a priest whose tics were "believed to be related to possession by the devil". They are elongated, oval machines with smooth white casing. Tourette syndrome can also be treated with such other drugs as clonidine, clonazepam, and risperidone, but the efficacy of these treatments is unknown. There are several types of Turrets, each with different abilities and personalities. It is later seen for real at the end during the Turret Opera, providing the bass tones. Other "About Tourette Syndrome. Initial symptoms usually occur before the early teens; the mean age of onset for both males and females is approximately seven years of age. Knowledge, education and understanding are uppermost in management plans for tic disorders. Transient tic disorders consisted of multiple motor tics, phonic tics or both, with a duration between four weeks and twelve months. However, one is clearly seen at the end of Portal 2, singing in Latin as Chell is taken up to the surface. There are no specific tests for diagnosing Tourette's; it is not always correctly identified because most cases are mild and the severity of tics decreases for most children as they pass through adolescence. Accomplished musicians, athletes, public speakers, and professionals from all walks of life are found among people with Tourette's. Simple motor tics include but are not limited to: They pose no threat to the player, and must be used in Chapter 5 of Portal 2, where Chell and Wheatley sabotage the turret production lines by replacing them with Defective Turrets. Most individuals with symptoms initially experience simple muscle tics involving the eyes and the head. The treatment and management of Tourette syndrome varies from patient to patient and should focus on the alleviation of the symptoms that are most bothersome to the patient or that cause the most interference with daily functioning. The extreme range of symptoms of this disorder makes it difficult to differentiate Tourette syndrome from other disorders with similar symptoms. Contents [ show ] History The turrets were created some time in the early days of Aperture Science's technological days. The overall prognosis is positive, but a minority of children with Tourette syndrome have severe symptoms that persist into adulthood.


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  1. By redirecting their rockets with portals, Chell can use them to progress and eventually uses them during her fight with GLaDOS.

  2. Vocal tics are actually manifestations of motor tics that involve the muscles required for vocalization. The short-term side effects can include sedation , dysphoria, weight gain, movement abnormalities, depression, and poor school performance.

  3. Tourette syndrome can also be treated with such other drugs as clonidine, clonazepam, and risperidone, but the efficacy of these treatments is unknown. Tourette syndrome appears to also be associated with attention deficit disorder ADD.

  4. People with Tourette syndrome are also at higher risk for having symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD. Clomipramine Anafranil , a tricyclic, and SSRIs —a class of antidepressants including fluoxetine Prozac , sertraline Zoloft , and fluvoxamine Luvox —may be prescribed when a Tourette's patient also has symptoms of obsessive—compulsive disorder.

  5. Relaxation therapies may, however, increase the occurrence of tics. You remember them, right?

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