Top of the morning govna

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An archaic phrase referring to getting something done through manipulation and deceiving such as wangling your way out of a sticky situation. Common Cockney term "Do this and there's a nice drink in it for ya. As in throwing a Wellington boot rubber rain boot as far as you can. Quite the archaic phrase it refers to a silly, scatterbrained and ultimately irresponsible person the word derives from a name for an imp or fiend. Glasgow, disgustingly rich a good two-bedroom flat in nice parts of the city can easily cost more than a very good four-bedroom house in the suburbs.

Top of the morning govna

Nowadays, it's mostly affectionate; men will rarely call other men "duck". Also means "to spit": In the nautical world, it's used a bit more specifically — "aye" is used as yes, "aye-aye" is shorthand for "I understand and will obey. Unless you're Boris Johnson. Also used as a universal, unisex term of address by actors; thus the derisive term "luvvie" for actors, particularly those who reminisce too much about the business. Good-looking, attractive in a superficial way. Running like a well-oiled machine, it's all fine. Exclamation of surprise or frustration Blooming heck is a regional euphemism, particularly Oop North , where it can be said like "Blummin' 'eck"; And yes, the word is derived from "blood", despite some folk etymology claiming it is derived from the expression "by our lady". Note that its use is not necessarily used literally. Also may have been derived from the Deolali army sanitorium in India or the camp there as a whole. Glasgow, disgustingly rich a good two-bedroom flat in nice parts of the city can easily cost more than a very good four-bedroom house in the suburbs. A term of endearment towards another person though very occasionally used confrontationally in Stoke on Trent. As a noun, means prison. Alternatively, 19th century Cockney origin. Can also mean something is tasty: Scots do this too, except without ever referring to it directly, although if pressed will call it "being a trooper". Originally a Scots word, "curfuffle", derived from the Gaelic "cior thual", meaning "confusion, disorder". Young man or boy. Deliberately silly alternatives to 'Old Chap'. Also, bread with holes in it, eaten with tea. The classic version is "Other listing magazines are available", a get-out clause that allows the Beeb to plug the Radio Times. Also, berk is pronounced burk, whereas it's the Barkshire Hunt. Used for both men and women, usually by younger people. Be aware, saying 'twentyer' or similar for any other denomination of note will get you looked at funnily. An expression of mild surprise.

Top of the morning govna

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