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In the pre-national era, there had been less emphasis on a structured playlist but the introduction of a tighter playlist allowed at least initially a degree of input from individual presenters that exceeded that usually permitted on a commercial station. There are several reasons for this. Mid Dawn is the name of the Later, in another first, the roster also featured presenters who did not come from a radio industry background, including singer-songwriters Bob Hudson [14] and John J. Choosing an Australian band reflected Double J's commitment to Australian content at a time when American acts dominated commercial pop stations. Tuesdays offered "Nerds of a Feather" with Paul Verhoeven , whilst Friday offered "The Friday Fuckwit" as well as "Like a Version", a segment where famous recording artists perform a cover version of a song of their choice. The key changes were new programmes replacing old. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Trople j

Weekend breakfast is now hosted by Stacy Gougoulis. In a twist that added to the character's appeal, the Guru's face was that of a real child whose identity was never revealed, leading many to believe that he was in fact a real guru. Examples of themed shows include: Although the LP was hailed overseas as one of the best live recordings ever made, and set new standards of technical excellence, the Australian distributor at first refused to release it locally, in spite of the fact that it was one of the most requested items on the Double Jay playlist at the time. Later, in another first, the roster also featured presenters who did not come from a radio industry background, including singer-songwriters Bob Hudson [14] and John J. It was hosted by Ross Noble and Terri Psiakis. Management responded that to launch a national network meant that the station must broaden its then almost-exclusive focus on the Sydney music scene, requiring the addition of new talent. Most importantly, it provides an inexpensive and popular source of program content, and also provides the appearance of listener interactivity and involvement. A case in point is American group The B's. The show features Jay and the Doctor , John Safran , and various sound clips of famous people taken from recorded interviews such as Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. Hack is a half-hour current affairs programme beginning at January Learn how and when to remove this template message Launch and early years: Gen Fricker is currently filling in for Veronica Milsom who is on maternity leave. Thank you very much, I've got another meeting. This basic format, though not dissimilar to the old Sydney based Triple J, included: Well, that's the microphone there, and here you are, have my seat. Talkback Classroom[ edit ] Triple J broadcast Talkback Classroom from to , a program where secondary school students from around Australia interviewed various prominent politicians, business and community leaders on current affairs issues. In early March, women took over the station as announcers to celebrate International Women's Day. It came about when, in , the Royal Navy officially recognised LaVeyan Satanism as an official religion in which its personnel can partake. Austin explained in Each Friday afternoon features a guest DJ set. The listeners owned the station, too, and if they wanted to come to the meetings and join the debate, they were welcome. Occasionally, Triple J will host a live performance in a secret location, and give away tickets to a limited number of listeners, to allow them to be a part of the special event. Marius Webb , one of the station's co-ordinators recalls an ABC executive informing him: The crowd spilled out onto the street as the hall was not big enough to hold everyone who felt that "their" beloved radio station had been hijacked. It is hosted by Tom Tilley.

Trople j

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  1. A good example of the station's influence was in when Double Jay championed a new album, Live, recorded by a one-off group that included former Roxy Music members Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno. In contrast, their Sydney rival, 2SM, was owned by a holding company controlled by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, resulting in the ban or editing of numerous songs.

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