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Each alternate frame I was then resetting my speed back to normal walking speed I breeze up those as easily as I descend a vertical drop. Get involved Discuss Twirpl on Hacker News. Making Twirp serverless Twirp is used by Twitch for communication between backend servers aka service-to-service. Self contained routing is big IMO, more on this below. In fact, no, this doesn't look right at all.


I first messed around with attempting to stop the player if they tried to walk up anything with a gradient over a certain threshold Bummer is Lambda Edge only supports Node. I need to make the player ascend steep inclines more slowly than flat terrain and also come to a halt against any vertical, or near-vertical inclines. So this just became a case of factoring in the terrain gradient to my player speed Contact us about this article Hmmm, I love sausage rolls. But those hills aren't exactly challenging my player character. I have not yet used Fargate. Currently it will only generate a golang client, but hopefully more languages will be supported soon. Because I'm just making the player follow the terrain like it's on rails, that's why! Simple and convention based: I like go because the development spend to performance ratio is great. You know, it's only when I write all that down I see just how crazy dumb it was! Oh sorry, just having a tasty sausage roll for my lunch while thinking about the problem of I can still climb those, just a bit more slowly sigh. I wanted to open this up for communication from client ex: Each alternate frame I was then resetting my speed back to normal walking speed Instead of setting an absolute velocity vector when calling CollisionBody. So I have this nice terrain an' all, that I can now walk around on. Lots of jittery movement ensued. The graident should be so large when approaching a near vertical incline that it should reduce my speed to 0. I can then make any other adjustments to the speed not velocity during the frame update and it will take effect when the PhysicsManager resolves everything! No fancy pants physics engines here guv. Self contained routing is big IMO, more on this below. Acceleration is done by adding in a targetSpeed property on the Player, so the actual speed will accelerate towards that speed until it is reached. When I climb a steep hill, I don't just come to a dead stop in reality, I just move more slowly as I ascend. I would like to completely remove it from the equation and have the twrip based go lambda run at the edge. However, I'm still not entirely happy with it.


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