What does flakey mean

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The thought that having a life of my own is still so new that thinking about it makes me giggle like an idiot. You may think this sounds extreme but I have counselled very many guys who have been on the receiving end in similar situations. There are many reasons for this — social, psychological and historical. I must say that I was impressed with the brief kiss on the cheek when we parted. I have spoken with, and counselled, many of them and much has been documented elsewhere too. But he felt sorry for her as she had three small children and was on her own and always seemed to be going through one hassle or another. Nothing will be spared in that quest. As another example, what if I notice an older boy beating a younger, smaller one and I intervene and say to the bigger boy:

What does flakey mean

For a flake to become a real woman would indeed be a miracle. He must have done something to deserve it. Either she is the exploiter or the exploited, despite the fact that she is the flake. But if we think of rape merely in its physical aspect, then we are failing to understand the meaning of violation. She is not interested in truth — only in surviving intact from threats to her ego; so she will invent any story which assists that goal. Everyone was mesmerised with her wisdom. The same kind of process happens if a woman kicks a man in his testicles. In fact, to criticise a flaky chick even in the simplest, caring manner will result not only in a series of lengthy and often incoherent diatribes but will also result in her making a campaign out of the destruction of the critic. It is all part of her complex web to reverse your rejection of her. One spin-off of this inconsistency is that the flaky chick must always guard against true closeness or intimacy. A careless or lazy person. As an example of the volatile nature of the flaky chick, consider this case reported to me by a guy who was exasperated with meeting women like this. She was his girlfriend. As we will discover in more detail later, the reason that she exercises this control by ditching you first is because of her acute fear of rejection and abandonment. It is a proven fact that neither those with NPD nor those with BPD can change their behaviour easily, if at all — even after years of therapy assuming that they will even submit to it, because a hallmark of those with these disorders is that they do not believe they have a problem, therefore they do not tend to present for treatment. The flaky chick desecrates and violates men. It is the violation of the whole human being in all senses. A day of mourning would be declared. The reality of course is that she is frightened to death literally of anyone who she feels will see beyond the external image she presents to the world and right into her secretly broken, messed-up, strung-out little heart. Recently, someone asked me why I would waste my time writing an article on such a flippant and unimportant issue as flaky chicks. This is simply classical Narcissism disguised with meaningless psychobabble. Unfortunately, many men make good dupes in this respect. One of the first things to look out for is how she texts. The struggle between darkness and light is even more pronounced at this time and nothing can hide. The meeting was all about her. A classic inconsistency is that they can be in the middle of a lengthy, apparently pleasant text or chat conversation and they will suddenly disappear and not return. It just so happens that by far the majority of flakes are female.

What does flakey mean

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  1. In short, the flaky chick, unless her flakiness is somehow miraculously resolved, can never enjoy a fulfilling relationship, no matter with whom it is forged and no matter which type of flaky chick she is. He was, nevertheless, confused by it and still needed to have it deconstructed for him afterwards.

  2. No matter how much you give her your full attention when she is talking, she will never do the same for you.

  3. He has increasingly withdrawn from the world after a lifetime of watching it entropize into the debacle that it is today — especially in the realm of man-woman relations.

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