Who is the worst rapper alive

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I'll be on the basketball court. That's exactly the kind of thing intelligent people say because they understand the contextual nature of being smart, and that actually makes them very smart. Instead of writing 16 bars, dude would write like 12 and just repeat a bunch of stuff to fill up the extra space. I can think of about 17 just from that photo alone. On "The Debate," from last year's Blood Doctrine, he argued with himself over the purpose of life and the existence of God, concurrently playing the role of Theologian, Evolutionary Atheist and Creationist. You know those maximum-security super-prisons they always profile on the Discovery Channel?

Who is the worst rapper alive

If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. Traditional achievement doesn't typically follow intelligence. Every time Birdman rubs his hands, another rap career dies. But he's not successful, not conventionally anyway. His skin is smooth. He's standing on the lit basketball court in MacGregor Park. Grammatically, that's cleaned up a bit, but that's the premise. You know that video of the gazelles trying to cross the alligator-infested river? He's shot music videos there and referenced it countless times over the course of his 21 albums. This doesn't bother him, though, because it's not a surprise to him — yet another mark of intelligence. He's deliberate like that. Instead, a new message. Backed by the night, his black, stretched outline looks like a shadow that's stood up off the ground. He's probably rich and definitely meaningful. The universe wouldn't let it. I told him I could sum it up in one image: He has a weird habit of cramming too many syllables in one bar, then not enough in the next, so his verses are like a raggedy game of Jenga — always two seconds from crumbling into the trash heap. The Dead End, they call it. Or he showed the capacity to be smart, which is close enough. Or, he might be so intelligent that he's too smart for his own good. On "The Man in the Mask," from 's Worst Rapper Alive, he developed a construct within a story that spoke to the unrequited nature of wicked acts. To be intelligent can lead to being smart, but it doesn't have to. But to be considered the worst of the worst, it takes a special brand of suck. His steps are long and furtive. Except for the two people he brought with him, the park looks completely empty. Two steps to go from the car to the basketball court, about 90 feet.

Who is the worst rapper alive

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  1. Instead of writing 16 bars, dude would write like 12 and just repeat a bunch of stuff to fill up the extra space. He's lean, and his face is streamlined.

  2. K-Rino, genius existentialist rapper, dining at the most mundane Italian-American restaurant chain on the planet. He's wearing a pair of Jordan basketball pants and a T-shirt.

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