Wyzant tutoring review

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I simply informed my clients of why our relationship was ending and what they could do in response. This is a small business trying to profit off of people who just want to help inner city youth. It's not worth it. If they've made that clear on the website that they have such a low approval rate, I wouldn't even have waisted my time and money to apply. Many of their tutors cannot find students any other way except to go use Wyzant as their salesperson. After spending so much time creating my profile, passing the tests, etc.

Wyzant tutoring review

No matter what student I contacted assuming they are real and exist, I got zero responses after about 40 tries. Their entire business runs on generic "Do-Not-Reply" messages. Save yourself the time and the energy and find another place to do tutoring. Avoid this site and use your time for more productive pursuits. Boycott by any means. They seem to employ a lottery system of hiring tutors. I have no idea if I will be paid for the sessions I had pending payment or whether my contact information will remain in their database or for how long. As a mom who needs to find tutors for her kids who attend public school, wyzant is the best!! Very happy to have found your website and used your service. Also WyzAnt asks every language tutor to do a test before being approved. I emailed asking that they were looking for and they told me I couldn't join the site. If you read the few positive reviews on Yelp and other boards, you will notice a similarity to the writing style. No information as to why wyzant isn't the best platform for me, they just nixed my account. Mind you I am not some [censored] off the street. The site also requires that tutors uphold Academic Honor Codes at schools and universities. He was extremely accommodating, knew exactly how to help me, and made sure I didn't miss a single deadlin. As far as I can determine, I did not violate any rules. Thank goodness a Google search led me to Wyzant. The service and we recommend only meeting with your tutor in a public location. The tutors helped my son succeed Junior and Senior year. I was about to be employed but then I saw reviews and questioned their business practices so they dismissed me for asking too many questions. While I still continue to work as a tutor, I am just self employed and do tutoring as a side job. The employees have been very responsive and polite when I have communicated with them on the phone or via email. When I was hired by another tutoring company recently and had no choice but to resign from Wyzant due to my new non-compete clause's conditions, I wrote messages to both of my clients explaining why I could no longer work with them through Wyzant. I don't mind their policies, which I have always found Wyzant employees open to discussing and reviewing. If you need a tutor, do not go through them.

Wyzant tutoring review

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  1. If you are an experienced tutor, you should not have to be charged for commission. Although the commission paid to Wyzant as an independent tutor seems high, I am willing to pay the finders fee to obtain students, and as a small business owner dog training , appreciate their handling of payments and management of students and the online platform.

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