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If Brad Hall had any balls he would wear a fake beard in a video and start YouTube beef. What has been your favorite experience? They are no longer my sneaker friends and are just my friends. What has that been like? I know it sounds cliche but just have fun with your channel. I am a huge sports fan so the fact people believed in me and trusted me to go interview athletes such as Blake Griffin, Steph Curry, Julio Jones and Jamaal Charles is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It was just an inline release no hype, no collab, not limited just a dope kick. While there is nothing wrong with that I just personally know they are missing out on some great sneakers.


What tips would you give him in his reviews? Guys like Nick Engvall and Brandon Edler have been creating awesome content. Anytime a viewer has come up to me they have been nothing but extremely kind and supportive. What has been your favorite experience? If Brad Hall had any balls he would wear a fake beard in a video and start YouTube beef. Getting to meet people that watch my videos is also up there with getting to meet and interview athletes. I used to be afraid to get in front of the camera and told myself I never would. Any tips or advice you can give to anyone starting a YouTube channel? Foamer Simpson Matt Halfhill: Now that would be the dream laughs. I am a huge Saucony and New Balance fan. What I noticed is there was a disconnect with the viewers that enjoyed my videos. If you know anything about me I am a wear your heart on your sleeve type of guy. So I decided to make a separate sneaker channel: What are they doing that you like the most? I will break him! What I noticed though is there were people who only wanted to see sneaker videos and not videos of me drinking iced coffee and running around Target doing random crap. The series takes on a new meaning as YoAnty recently crossed the k subscriber milestone on YouTube for his dedicated sneaker channel YoAnty Kicks. There were so many people buying it because it was just an overall good looking shoe. We all have different personalities and flavors. What would you recommend to anyone looking to start their own channel? Are there some other channels our readers and subscribers should follow too? I know it sounds cliche but just have fun with your channel. They wanted to see who I was. If you going to start a YouTube channel I suggest doing it for the right reasons. I am known as YoAnty on social media.


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