Zinga reading

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Their froyo texture is creamy and excellent - one of the better ones I have had around the city. The location is great with easy parking and a fun walkable destination. It wasn't crowded when I got there at all. I love this place. I get frozen yogurt at least twice a week and have been to almost all of the self serve frozen yogurt places around Boston. Nonetheless, I immediately signed up for the generous loyalty program and racked up plenty of free yogurt from my weekly stops there to and from work earn 40 points, receive a free 10oz froyo. Also, my froyo was

Zinga reading

It is always clean and the staff is friendly. It's a great system. Once a month they have a Child's singer come in and perform. I bring my 7 month old son and he loves it. Will never come in again. The froyo flavors are yummy and they have a good selection of toppings. I am a fro-yo lover. They were using filthy language and saying disgusting things We all loved this place. A low fat froyo with strawberries and granola is practically breakfast, while chocolate froyo with gummy bears and Oreos is the ultimate dessert. Well I was really disappointed. There were about 20 teens just sitting inside, not eating anything. I'm surprised to see so many negative reviews. I expected more, especially since it's not super cheap We got into my car, which was parked in front of Zinga, and started it When my daughter expressed that she was feeling uncomfortable there, we packed her yogurt "to go" and walked out the door. I will return here soon. However their flavors aren't as great as their competition orange leaf. Learn more 28 reviews. Apparently, different folks, different rules. Love the switching up of the flavors! The toppings were diverse, but the yogurt wasn't that good. Zinga Frozen Yogurt This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. I always enjoy coming here! Or maybe they just didn't care. You serve yourself which is an absolute nightmare for parents.

Zinga reading

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  1. I was the only customer in the entire store at the time. Love the switching up of the flavors!

  2. A low fat froyo with strawberries and granola is practically breakfast, while chocolate froyo with gummy bears and Oreos is the ultimate dessert. It's a great system.

  3. It wasn't crowded when I got there at all. They do have Ghirardelli sauces for your ice cream.

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